About Me


Not just a hobby, but a career goal!

My father was a professional and successful racing driver for 15 years. He took me to all his races and I simply loved it. I quickly knew that I wanted to go Kart racing. However, my first race was terrible as a faster driver pushed me off the track. But not even the triple rollover could stop me from entering motorracing. I decided that I was never again getting in anyone’s way, because I would learn how to lead the pack!

Thus, I fully entered Karting. At the age of four, my dad let me drive in our backyard and only a year later, I first drove on a real Karting track in Linz-Hörsching. I entered my first real race as an eight-year-old in Italy. Since then I have been fully infected with the racing virus!

It’s hard, but not impossible to get into Formula One. And it is my dream, of course. Hence, I would like to show you my path, where I have been and where I am going, to convince you that I am serious about my quest pursuing realistic goals. So supporting me and my future career to you is more than just a mere investment.

Motorsport is my life. That means searching for sponsors, doing media work, keeping fit with physical and mental training, and lots more. In today’s Formula One, only a few drivers have made it without rich parents. To be reasonable, I am continuing my school education and maintaining my part-time jobs, as I always want to have a plan B.

About Nico


Date of Birth: 2001-08-21
Address: Grieskirchen, Austria
Body dimensions: 182 cm, 65 kg
Roll models:

Ayrton Senna, Sebastian Vettel

2008 Austrian Carting Series – A-Finals
2009 Easykart Italy 60 ccm – A-Finals
2010 Easykart Czech Republic: 60 cc – Top 10
2011 Carting World Championships: 60 cc – Top 20
2012 Austrian Carting Series – CHAMPION
2013 DAI Trophy Bambini Open – CHAMPION
2014 DAI Trophy Junior – CHAMPION
2015 Carting World Championships: 100 cc – Top 10
2016 DAI Trophy 125 ccm KZ2 – Top 5
2017 DKM Germany KZ2 – 4 wins
2017 DAI Trophy 125 ccm KZ2 – CHAMPION
2018 British Formula Ford 1600 – ROOKIE CHAMPION

Racing is not just a hobby, but a career aspiration!